Ministry of Attorney General

ICTCONSULT have provided excellent service to the Ministry of Attorney General regarding the direction of Sheriff Services mobile voice communications.  Although our mobile communications was a sensitive issue within the organization and contentious as to the direction we should follow, ICTCONSULT, through its well-defined initially agreed upon methodical process and involvement from all the groups were successful in obtaining buy-in from all the stakeholder groups.

By developing well defined requirements and then comparing the different alternatives against the agreed upon requirements, ICT was able to demonstrate the best alternative.  ICTCONSULT utilized focus groups and workshops throughout the study to keep the different groups involved.  ICT was open to input and throughout the process welcomed feedback.  The different groups were listened to and their concerns addressed which led to recommendations in which all groups were satisfied with.

We have now retained ICTCONSULT to assist us in implementing their recommended solution and once again we are very satisfied with their professional and effective approach, which is leading us to successful completion on schedule of the contracted work.

John Northup
Senior District Sheriff
Ministry of Attorney General
Province of British Columbia